About us

DVDF has a simple philosophy; we recruit the best people and provide them with somewhere they can learn, grow and make friends. We provide the tools and framework for people to have fun, succeed and make the most of all Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

We focus on teamwork, training, and community contribution, making DVDF a fun and positive place to play. We are able to mobilize large numbers of capable players to meet individual, guild or community needs quickly and perform consistently with excellence and integrity. Our guild is successful because of its people - we have some of the nicest, most capable players from around the world, and even though DVDF is large, it has a family and close-knit feel.

In Guild Wars 1, we were Guild of the Week in June 2007 and are a well regarded and notable guild for our community and excellence of play.

We are committed to keeping the same culture of community, innovation, achievements, recruiting great players and people in Guild Wars 2.

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